Retro on A Budget

Hey fellow thrifters and clearance rack enthusiasts,

If you’re looking for a statement suit for work or an iconic retro inspired boot, this outfit is for you. Everything here was purchased for less than $50.00 each. My favorite part of this outfit were the stellar boots I found from Buffalo Exchange. Infamously known as a more “high-end” thrift store, Buffalo Exchange can be a little pricey on a college kid budget. But in my personal opinion, the reason why it isn’t as budget friendly as Plaza Thrift in McKinney or a typical Goodwill is because they have a lot of high fashion and couture clothing in their shop.

But the thrill of fashion isn’t about spending a salaries worth on revamping your wardrobe or wearing brand names continuously. Finding one iconic piece in your wardrobe and making it work with any outfit is what I find indulging. I’m seduced by cheap price tags and the self confidence I gain from finding deals and bargains. I find satisfaction in the reactions of those who gawk at my 12 dollar Steve Madden boots, a feeling only irreplaceable by the purchase of brand new makeup.

Comment below with styles you’d like to see me find. I’ve got an affordable street style shoot coming up and i’m excited to post about it!

Photographer – Conner McKibbin (Instagram @connerMcKibbin)

Apparel – Full Suit from Express but copped from the clearance rack; Blazer was $39.99 and Pants were $29.99, Shoes found at Buffalo Exchange- Steve Madden Retro Black Boots $12.00